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Turret Trucks, man-down A

Man-down Turret Truck 1000 kg

The Linde man-down turret truck is designed to optimise the available storage space and to offer maximum throughput capabilities in very narrow aisle racking systems. Whether the application is a proposed new facility or a converted warehousing unit the A-truck offers a wide range of specifications to match specific customer requirements and objectives. Depending on those requirements the truck can be fitted with either an ‘L’ head with hydraulically operated reach and rotate functions or a telescopic fork head. The ergonomic and highly functional operator’s compartment enables the operator to execute highly efficient storage and retrieval cycles with smooth precision and safety.

The new Linde A Man down range is a versatile VNA system truck designed for high density storage and retrieval of unit loads in very narrow aisles. In addition to modern, functional styling, the A range provides an environment in which the operator can work in complete comfort and safety.
Intuitive use of the control panels enables throughput of goods to be increased without removing the hands. The operator can check the truck’s status via the multifunctional display. Designed for low energy consumption, the truck also returns energy to the battery during braking and mast lowering.
A perfect interface between operator and truck has been achieved with the Linde ergonomic design concept, including spacious cab, comfort class seat and intuitive layout of all controls. The operators working environment ensures optimum performance.
Linde has used it's vast experience in very narrow aisle applications, in conjunction with the latest technology available to ensure the new A range is a high quality product with exceptional product life. CAN bus diagnostics enable rapid fault finding and repair helping to achieve exceptional levels of truck uptime.
The unique modular design ensures that an individual truck specification can be tailored to match the application precisely in order to maximise productivity at all times. The smart electronics of Linde System Control (LSC) continuously monitors the truck’s technical potential in order to deliver optimum simultaneous lift and travel speeds relative to lift height and load weight.


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